The South East

Proposed Sightseeing tours

The South East - Full Day excursion

The traditional Mauritian village of Mahebourg
• National History Museum
• Short sea crossing to Ile-aux-Aigrettes (Mauritius Wildlife Sanctuary), home to the rare pink pigeon and indigenous vegetation.
• Spectacular views of Grand Port mountain range and islands of the lagoon.
• Crocodile park- At Rivière des Anguilles in the South, the Vanilla Crocodile Park is home to crocodiles imported from Madagascar and other reptiles.

Situated in the South East of the island, some fifteen minutes from the airport, this historical village shelters the Naval Museum witness of the great naval battle at Mahebourg between the French and English in 1810 for the occupation of the island.Mahebourg is nowadays a calm coastal village, exept on market days. However with the construction of a waterfront, Mahebourg will surely develop into the main tourist attraction of the South in the years to come.

Le Morne
Further to the south is Le Morne, a near peninsula that offers the staggering view of Le Morne Brabant Mountain, which is like a rock coming out of the sea. Le Morne also host the horrible story of runaway slaves who plunged from the top of the mountain when soldiers came to tell them that they were free. Le Morne is also known for its kite surfing spot in Mauritius.

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